Cartouche Application Simplified


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I wrote an article about the changes to the Cartouche submission and limits of material submitted. It was included as part of the committee reports under "Board Updates" and you might not have see it yet. I encourage you to take a look at it. The revised guidelines are on the website at:

Below is a brief summary of the changes. The P&T article explains more about the changes.

Please take a look at these changes. The intent was to remove as many barriers that might discourage people from submitting an application.

Ken Johnson

In summary, the specifics:

1. Letter of submission limited to one page (previously 3)
2. Bio/CV limited to 3 pages(previously 4) and focused on your wood working skills and accomplishments. Include your teaching and mentoring experience.
3 Photographs limited to 60(previously 80).
4. “Additional Description” limited to 2 pages (previously 3) and only relates to work that was not created by the maker such as purchased bandings or paterae.
5. Letters of recommendation limited to2 (previously 3) and each letter
limited to 3 pages (previously 4)
6. “Technical Description” -removed. Previously submitted applications never provided useful information but stated the more obvious comments such as “I used hide glue and shellac,” “all my dovetails were hand cut.”

How much time should it take to prepare the application?
The preparation of the documents should not take more than 4-6 hours.
For the photographs a lot depends on what state your photographs are in.
If they are not organized or need additional correction, it can take more time.

Organizing and labeling should not exceed 4-6 hours.

Editing photographs—please do not spend days on this. Use simple tools available to do some basic cropping
and color balance. There are inexpensive AI(artificial intelligence) software products that do a great job of improving
your basic photographs(color balance is a key one). Use the best you have but limit your time.
Even if you get involved in improving the photographs, you should not devote more than 4 days
total on that effort and that would be far more than we would expect. And in most cases it might be done in 1-3 days.

We hope this will make it easier for more deserving candidates to come
forward to be considered for the Cartouche. Steve and I have always been
available to answer questions and make suggestions. Please feel to reach out
to us for any questions. Ken Johnson, and/or
Steve Latta, Latta@stevenscollege.