Cuff Banding

I'm building a small bedside table for my wife. I would like to add cuff banding to the legs but have a few questions:
1. How far from the bottom of the leg to the banding
2. How wide is a typical federal cuff banding
3. How thick to make the banding
4. Personal opinion on the easiest way to cut the legs
I don't see the pictures. Did these get included?

On the federal table I made the banding is 2-1/2" up from the bottom and is 1/4" wide. The banding is 1/16" thick. I'm not sure if this is typical. I was loosely following plans from FWW magazine. I'm not sure there is a typical way to do this banding. "American Furniture, The Federal Period" by Charles Montgomery has a lot of examples to draw from.

As for making the legs I rough cut the taper on a bandsaw and then hand planed each face down to the line. I've also used a sled to hold the legs while they are run through a surface planer. Both methods worked, but I prefer the hand plane approach.

Hope this helps.