How do I post an image?


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Please note the file restriction of 165KB per image and up to four attachments per post. However, the total attachment size cannot exceed 192 KB per post.

You can resize your images in the photo editing software on your computer (i.e. Microsoft Office Picture
Manager, or PhotoShop, among others). If you have Microsoft Office Picture Manager, here is the procedure
for sizing an image for the web:

1. Make a copy of the original image (always keep the original unaltered) and open it with your software.
2. Click on Edit pictures, Compress, and then Web Page.
3. You will be able to see the original size of the image and the new compressed size, which must be less than 165kb.
4. Save the compressed image.

If you do not have Microsoft Office Picture Manager, other photo editing programs work in a similar way. When in doubt, click on the Help menu of your program and search for 'Compressing images'.

To upload your image(s):
1. Make sure you are logged-in then scroll to the board where you would like to post.
2. Click 'New Topic' or 'Reply' (the screen where you type your post will appear)
3. Enter your message in the text box
4. To add an attachment such as an image, click on 'Additional Options' at the bottom left-hand side of the text box
5. Click 'Browse' and locate the file on your computer
6. Click 'Open' to upload the file (a text description of the file will appear in the window to the left of the 'Browse' button
7. To add another image, cick 'More Attachments' to the right of the 'Browse' button and repeat the process described above
8. Click 'Post' when you are done.

NOTE: These instructions are out of date since the Forums migrated to the XenForo platform in 2022.