Job Post: US Senate Cabinet Shop Supervisor

Mark Maleski

SAPFM recently received the following from the recruiter at the United States Senate Placement Office, and thought it would be of interest to some of our members:

"We are currently hiring for a Cabinet Shop Supervisor to work with the United States Senate Cabinet Shop. As you can imagine it is not an easy task to find someone with those skills in DC so we are branching out to organizations and schools for assistance. Would you mind sharing this position with your alumni students to see if anyone would like to relocate to DC or perhaps might be in this area and looking for a new opportunity? I have attached the actual Job Description above as well as below is a link to the official website to apply."

Posting Date Range: 10/28/2022-11/25/2022
This vacancy announcement closes at 7pm EST. Late applications will not be accepted.
I received this follow-up from the US Senate recruiter: "I would like to thank you so much! We ended up getting several really good candidates to apply. The manager is still reviewing resumes but we are extremely happy with the applicants.....It was the most qualified people we’ve ever had."

That was over a month ago and they've probably made the hire by now. I should check back in - perhaps an opportunity for our chapter to get a guided tour of the US Capitol Building.