Klingspor sanding belts


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A word of warning for those who use belt sanders for initial leveling of glued up stock: I just got off the phone with a service rep regarding failure of the tape that holds the belts together. I found out the hard way that their belts are only warrantied a year. I have always bought in bulk to save money and after tossing dozens of belts, I just opened a new box only to have the belt fail in seconds! I have never seen this "warranty" of a year in print anywhere! After nearly 50 years in the woodworking business I've never had this happen before.
I'm not a "legal beagle" but stating an assumption: manufactured products or work and even site work (by contractors) have an unwritten binding one year guarantee. Also an assumption, if something is going to go wrong or is unsatisfactory in work performance, it may be detected and complained about within one year. Usually written guarantees are executed by manufacturers who want to demonstrate how good their product is and are willing to stand by it thru a guarantee.