Scraper on cherry

I made a 5 foot round cherry table with a quarter round edge profile. I make a scratch stock with a scraper blade. It cut well, but did not give me a finish ready
surface, especially as I got anywhere near end grain. I tried it without a burr and with a burr. I thought I sharpened the scraper really well. Is anyone getting a finish ready surface on edge profiles on cherry, especially when there is increasing end grain?
Yes, the scraper can slightly tear up end grain. Try using a thin card stock (you can buy different thickness) and push it lightly. I have strips of thin hardened spring steel (some are 0.010" thick) and that works ok. But I still have to sand the end grain lightly with 180 or 220 grit sandpaper.

Hope this helps.
Dennis Bork
I have read that a wash coat of shellac prior to scraping can help reduce tear-out, but haven't tried that. I have also read that a coat of mineral spirits prior to scraping can help, and have found that to be true (though it seems counterintuitive). I'm not sure either will get you to a finish-ready result and you may have to sand (as Dennis suggested) no matter what you do.
I use a wash coat of thinned hide glue when dealing with tear out on an inlay. You often have the grain running in various directions. The glue soaks in and seals the wood, preventing the scraper from tearing the fibers. Hide glue doesn't affect the finish, so no worries if not all is scraped away.