Zoom Presentation with Chris Storb

Added to Calendar: 05-16-24

Mark Maleski

Upcoming Virtual Event for SAPFM Members on May 16 2024! Join the discussion with Chris Storb, Woodworker and Furniture Conservator
Chris has worked professionally in the historic furniture field for over 40 years. His expertise is in the history of woodworking techniques, processes, and materials is coupled with the ability to share that expertise in a meaningful way with the general public. Most recently he worked for the Dietrich American Foundation at the Philadelphia Museum of Art performing an examination, assessment, and treatment of over 150 wood objects in the Foundation’s collection. Prior to that he worked in the conservation department of the Philadelphia Museum of Art since 2003 where he collaborated on the conservation of a broad range of American furniture in the Museum’s collection.

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Chris Storb website and Blog, In Proportion to the Trouble: cstorb.com