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 Learn About SAPFM

vert bannerWhy Belong to SAPFM?

From time to time, we need to be reminded of the enormous value of a SAPFM membership.  When deciding if you should be a member of SAPFM, it has to be based on your experience and appreciation of the organization. 

There are many SAPFM benefits you cannot put a price tag on.   Membership is about supporting an organization that brings like-minded people together to share their knowledge, interest and love of furniture.  It is the fellowship, the making of new friends, and learning from each other that is important. 

For a period furniture makers, SAPFM provides an opportunity to meet like-minded people.  SAPFM supports the effort to share information with others and expand their appreciation and abilities in making period furniture.  As a collector, enthusiast, or academic, it is an opportunity to learn how furniture was made, how skills were acquired, how materials were used, and what processes and procedures were used to construct furniture pieces. .

SAPFM has made great strides in developing relationships with museums and other institutions that now provide more open access to their collections for our members. SAPFM demonstrates to the world that we are a credible organization through our active participation with museums, supporting our member's exhibits, and being recognized as a source of useful period furniture expertise.

When SAPFM approached the Connecticut Historical Society to partner with us for a recent exhibit, they were eager and willing because of the reputation of SAPFM.  They knew of the high quality of our members’ work and our love of this branch of the decorative arts. 

A similar relationship has been established with the Detroit Institute of Art, where for several years in a row, SAPFM members have acted as docents, provided docent training, and given demonstrations of period furniture construction.

Increasingly, we have seen more collaboration between disciplines as a result of our efforts.  Museum curators and antique dealers have become more consistently involved in our programs.

Some thoughts for you to consider: What if SAPFM was not here?  What other group, organization, website would be the focal point of period furniture making?  Who would open the doors to museum collections?  Who would organize and gather people together who want to learn about this craft and skills?  What network would host the discussions we have on our forum?  What other group would provide the opportunity for members to exhibit at the Telefair Museum in Savannah, the Detroit Institute of Art, or the Connecticut Historical Society?

When you look at a broader picture of all that SAPFM offers, we believe you will see that the true value of a membership is far greater than originally imagined, and worthy of your support.

~ Ken Johnson, Peach State Chapter

You can become a SAPFM member today and start enjoying the benefits of this unique organization. Join Now!

Video Overview

O ur first SAPFM video provides an introduction to the organization and its aspirations to bring education, access, passion, and camaraderie—opening the doors to the past through woodworking—to its membership. The promotional video was featured as part of the Highland Woodworker as part of their 'Moment With a Master Craftsman' series in the Fall 2013 release. This historic event is a first for the SAPFM, but not the last...

SAPFM is More than Worth the Membership Fee (Popular Woodworking)

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You can become a SAPFM member today and start enjoying the benefits of this unique organization. Join Now!