Cartouche Awardd


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Congratulations to David Lamb for the Cartouche Award! And that's a beautiful piece of furniture.

Dennis Bork
It's pretty sad when no one (except me) sent congratulations to David Lamp for the 2021 Cartouche Award. Not even a SAPFM board member. This never happened years ago. I guess it just shows that SAPFM is dying and/or members don't care or know what the Award is all about.

Dennis Bork

I am sorry that you feel that SAPFM did not recognize David Lamb and his recent Cartouche Award.  I, personally, called Mr. Lamb and congratulated him.  Also, we have announcements in the upcoming Pins and Tales, postings on Facebook and Instagram.  As a reminder, he will be spotlighted in the next Journal.  The Banquet details have not been worked out as the current social pandemic has not allowed us to determine an available location.  Hopefully, this will be rectified soon and the announcements will be sent out.

If you have any questions or concerns.... I encourage you to give me a call.

Dave Redlin
SAPFM President

The future of our organization looks bright to me!  SAPFM has several active threads on Facebook at the moment sharing the announcement of the award to David Lamb, the Journal feature on last year’s Cartouche winner, Tony Kubalak, and featuring the work of prior cartouche award winners Ray Journigan and Bob Stevenson.  Those posts have garnered quite a few comments including two who say they have joined in response to the posts (the journal seems to have sealed the deal).  I don’t much like it, but the audience seems to have shifted from forums to social media (everywhere, not just our forum).  Nonetheless, your message is a good reminder to continue to nurture the forum, which remains a deep source of knowledge thanks to contributors such as you. As an incoming board member, I will bear your criticism in mind.

Back to Mr Lamb: Have you had a chance to view his portfolio on his website?  What pieces impressed you the most? I confess to spending more time lingering over the 18th century reproductions there, but I was moved by how he tied those pieces to an expanded portfolio that included more recent periods of American furniture. I look forward to his presentation, however we work that out in this crazy year.

Mark Maleski