SAPFM Chapters Connect Local Furniture Builders Throughout the US

SAPFM fosters learning in the craft of period furniture appreciation, research, and construction through its 22 chapters located throughout the US.  Chapters are our local presence extending from our home base in Williamsburg Virginia westward to Sothern California.  Participation in a local chapter offers our members a variety of benefits, but most importantly the opportunity to create a local community of like minded furniture makers who eagerly share their experience in furniture construction techniques.

Furniture making is oftentimes a solitude endeavor.  Participation in local chapters offers the maker social interaction and dialog with peers.  Our local members reflect all aspects of furniture making from different styles to a range of expertise.  But one thing we have in common is a passion for making fine furniture to the highest level possible.


Get Involved

Joining a local SAPFM Chapter conveys a profound interest in furniture making and for sharing your expertise with others.   Beyond that is the opportunity to volunteer for a variety of roles that can benefit the local chapter and the national organization.  

Volunteer activities can be as simple as helping organize speakers at a local chapter event, becoming a chapter lead or co-lead, or helping promote the chapter.   Many members who get involved with a local chapter choose to serve on national committees, Board of Directors, and as Officers of the organization.  The choice is up to you; participate as much as you are able.